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News report on the opening of the West Gate Bridge with an interview with Elsa Davis. See more historic images at Transcript: Reporter6: The largest cable-stayed, box-skirted bridge in the Southern Hemisphere is now open. It's called the Westgate Bridge and it spans high across the Yarra River, which has always divided east and western Melbourne. [Music] Elsa Davis: Oh it's paradise -- it's really unbelievable anything like this. I didn't think it was like this. It's so high. It's so wonderful. Reporter7: What can you see? Elsa Davis: The view and the Yarra. The Yarra. And everything. You can see the whole of Melbourne. Far greater than the Sydney one, the Harbour Bridge. Although that's wonderful too. Reporter7: It is, isn't it? Elsa Davis: Yes it is, because this is longer. Oh yes. Reporter7: Are you happy? Elsa Davis: Happy? My happy day today. [Music and singing] Reporter6: Elsa Davis -- isn't she a lovely lady