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VicRoads common road rules : It's important that drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians understand their responsibilities as road users. Knowing and applying the road rules will help keep you safe on Victoria's roads. Melbourne is home to some unique traffic situations, such as hook turns and sharing the road with trams. These situations can often be stressful or confusing for motorists that are unclear or unfamiliar with different traffic conditions. VicRoads has produced eight short videos to help motorists become familiar and comfortable with common road rules. Watch all eight animations to ensure you understand your responsibilities when travelling on Victoria's roads. Video Transcript: VO: These videos will take you through some common road rules that you need to know. VO: Giving way at roundabouts VO: You will come across quite a few roundabouts when driving in Victoria. VO: Be sure to indicate in the direction you're planning to take. VO: When entering a roundabout, who do you need to give way to? VO: You must give way to all vehicles already in the roundabout VO: Take care to look out for motorcyclists and cyclists, who may be harder to see. VO: When there's a safe gap in traffic, enter the roundabout. Signal left to exit if it is possible. VO: Before you get in your car and go, these are some common road rules you need to know.