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VicRoads common road rules This video demonstrates how to merge and change lanes safely. Knowing your responsibilities as a motorist and understanding Victoria's road rules will help keep you and others safe. Ensure you're familiar with other common road rules by watching all eight videos. Video Transcript VO: These videos will take you through some common road rules that you need to know. VO: Merging lanes safely VO: Merging and changing lanes can sometimes seem to be a stressful task. Learn these 2 simple rules to make it easier. VO: Whenever you change lanes from one marked lane to another, you must give way to vehicles already in that lane or line of traffic. This includes merging into freeway traffic. VO: Indicate, and change lanes when there is a safe gap in traffic. VO: If the lane in front of you is blocked, you must indicate and give way. VO: Zip merging is when two lanes of traffic merge into one, on a road where there are no lane markings. VO: You must give way to any vehicle which has any part of its vehicle ahead of yours. VO: Before you get in your car and go, these are some common road rules you need to know.