On the Freeway

Melbourne Hills Tunnel

Dandenong Road

Night driving in Melbourne

A day on the roads

Light traffic

Downtown Melbourne

Competing with history for the access in downtown - how to pass a tram?

Floods on the roads

Driving after a heavy rain in Melbourne

Raining on the city

Driving in rain in downtown Melbourne - tams included!

The fog and the city

Not the perfect day for driving - but you must be prepared for it!

Dandenong Road

Driving in fog in Melbourne


Safety and Traffic - how to mix them together

Welcome to WEMCO Driving School Melbourne!

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By signing up for driving lessons in Melbourne through Wemco Driving School you can gain access to a number of different driving benefits that you might not be able to receive from some of the other driving schools available in the Melbourne area, extensive suburb, city and freeway experience, needed by all drivers in a busy city.
By taking driving lessons through our company you get access to a female driving instructor capable of teaching students on both manual and automatic. This means that you can learn either type of driving style so that you can be ready to drive any type of car at any time which is important for future work, travelling overseas and knowing you can drive a manual in an emergency situation.
Our female driving instructor also has some of the best experience in the industry. With over 30 years of driving experience, 10 years of which have been performing instructing in Geelong and now in Melbourne (Doreen, South Morang, Mernda, Northern Suburbs), there aren't many instructors that are as patient or as knowledgeable in this area.
We also go the extra mile and have a knowledge of mechanics. This can provide you with some maintenance information and some information on how to pick your first car. You can receive lots of practical information about how to drive as well as how to maintain your car once you finish the instruction program. With over eight years working in the motor vehicle industry for Toyota and other major companies, our female driving instructor knows a lot about vehicles and how to maintain.

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There are a lot of young - and not so young - persons who successfully get their drivers license with Wemco Driving School.

MS Queenie and Julie

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