In early December, leading into the festive season, a new drink drive television commercial "Bloody Idiots" will be launched as part of the Christmas campaign and designed to underpin the police enforcement activity. This component of the Christmas campaign will cement in Victorian motorists' minds the very real potential outcomes of drink driving and the potential consequences on not just the driver, but other road users, family and friends. This execution is scheduled for launch in early December 2011 and will run on television throughout Victoria for the month of December, as well as cinema during the Christmas / New Year period. Significant holiday periods produce high volumes of traffic on Victoria's major highways and arterial roads, often involving a change in travel patterns and use of unfamiliar roads. This involves inherent risk to the safety of Victorian road users. Historically the last 12 days of the year have resulted in the highest road fatality per day with an average of 14 deaths. This represents an average of 1.17 deaths per day, compared to an average of 0.87 deaths per day for the rest of the year. Transport Accident Commission Victoria. ======================


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