Connecting the Dots is a 20 minute documentary that tells the story of the aftermath of a tragic car crash involving a group of young men. Brenton Chaplin was driving at high speed and under the influence of alcohol when he lost control of the car. It was estimated that at the time, Chaplin's blood alcohol reading was 0.085. The car hit a pole. His best friend, Leigh Charter Jnr, was killed. They were both 20 years old.

Many months after the crash, in an act of apparent revenge, Leigh Charter Snr (the father of Leigh Jnr) visited the Chaplin family home and murdered Brenton Chaplin's mother, seriously injured his father and brother, and stabbed his cousin. Shortly after, Leigh Charter Snr committed suicide. Brenton Chaplin was charged with, and eventually convicted of, culpable driving and was sentenced to jail. Connecting the Dots was originally aired on the ABC as an Australian Story program titled In My Little Town.

The TAC obtained permission from the ABC and the program's participants to edit the film for use in schools. Curriculum resources have been developed to support the use of the program. You can download and print these resources below.

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