Room for One More? - By Tom Campbell

Tom's short film centres around two best friends on their way to a party. Amped and excited about the night ahead, Jake is given grim warnings about the distractions occurring around him and the consequences they may have, should he choose not to alter the situation.

The Make a Film, Make a Difference / MAFMAD competition calls on young film makers, 25 and under, to write an idea for a short film that will challenge young people's attitudes to driving, independence and looking out for their mates. MAFMAD is entering it's ninth year of existence and during this period, 17 exceptional films have been produced by young Victorians. From the ideas submitted, two filmmakers are given the go-ahead to produce their short films with a budget of $20,000, providing an opportunity to work with the TAC in developing a film that will make a difference. Once produced, the films will be shown in cinemas, online and at youth events. Winners will also receive a $5,000 cash prize. This competition forms part of the TAC's youth risk taking marketing strategy targeting 16-25 year olds. Research suggests that this age group is more receptive to peer-to-peer marketing rather than traditional mass media. This competition was consequently developed with the premise that they are short films with valuable messages created by young people, for young people.

Transport Accident Commission Victoria.

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