The The TAC has a long history of educating the Victorian public about the dangers of risky driving and the potential consequences of death, serious injury or punitive consequences resulting from police detection.


er the years a range of strategic and creative approaches have been undertaken to educate the public, using a mix of emotional, educational and enforcement campaign activities. This year, the TAC will again work in partnership with Victoria Police, to ensure the community is aware of the increased enforcement activity over the summer holiday period that aims to make Victoria's roads safe for all road users.

The 2011 Christmas campaign will consist of a series of television commercials. The first two will be launched on 23 November to educate Victorian drivers about increased enforcement activity. Victoria Police will be increasing enforcement with strategic and focussed activity from late November through to early January, during this busy time of the year.

These two executions, supported by outdoor, press, online and radio activity under the campaign banner "Don't risk it", aim to remind motorists of police presence on the road and the high likelihood of being caught should they break the law, particularly in terms of speeding and drink driving.

The campaign provides a hard-hitting warning to drivers that there are consequences for driving irresponsibly and that police are out in force in the lead up to Christmas.

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