After a great

day's riding, it is time for us to head home. In this video we discuss some of the issues of heading back into city and suburban traffic. Fatigue

One of the major risks after a long ride is when I start to feel tired.

Fatigue can impair my ability to perform critical functions of riding and in some cases can lead to being complacent with regards to identifying and avoiding risks.

Check out the page about Fatigue where you can learn more about the symptoms and how to manage them.

City Traffic

As the guys and I head back to the city, there is more traffic and more happening around us. I am conscious of staying aware of what is happening around me by doing frequent head checks and rear checks.

As the conditions are turning from twilight to darkness, I try to adapt quickly and make sure I am in a lane position which will give me the best chance of being seen by other road users. Some of the things I do to achieve this are:

  • Maintain at least a three second gap to vehicles ahead
  • Adjust my positioning and buffering as light fades to stay out of blind spots
  • Anticipate and respond early to merging traffic which may not give way
  • Always stay in the right position, at the right speed and in the right gear.

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