- In 2012, young drivers aged between 18 and 25 years made up 23% of all driver fatalities, despite accounting for approximately 12% of all licence holders. Research indicates that young drivers are at greater risk -- in fact they are 30 times more likely to crash when they first start driving on their Ps because they are inexperienced and are more likely to take risks on the road

Some of the behaviours that increase the risk of crashing among young drivers include:

  • Driving with peer aged passengers
  • Night time driving
  • Use of mobile phones
  • Drink driving and/or affected by illicit drugs
  • Risky driving -- such as speeding
  • Driving older and less safe cars

Research suggests that parents can still play a role in their new driver's safety. Encouraging and educating parents about how they can help reduce the risks faced by their children as road users provides further potential to prevent crashes involving young adults. Parental role modelling has also been identified as being important in developing safe behaviours amongst children. This campaign, made of three TV commercials and other support communications, has been developed to inform parents of the risk and provide them with a range of easy strategies that they can use to improve the safety of their children.

This particular commercial is designed to provide an introduction to the issue concerning the risk their young driver faces and informing them there are ways to help them stay safe. So before you talk to your kids visit, for all you need to know to get through the red together.

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