Thingle Toodle's latest advertisement is set to a rap song, reminding parents and children that they must wear a helmet when riding a bike or a scooter. Helmets can greatly reduce the risk of head injury. Please encourage your child to start wearing a helmet from an early age, on their first ride, and ensure that a helmet is always worn properly when riding a bicycle -- it should cover the upper part of the forehead and sit level on the head. The Helmet Rap TV ad will air from November onwards on ABC Kids TV and in cinemas during December and January.

Thingle Toodle is a series of animated TVC's aimed at children, each centered around the Thingle Toodle character demonstrating different aspects of how to be safe on the roads through jingles. Seatbelts, holding hands when crossing the road and stop, look, listen.

The ad is part of the new VicRoads Early Childhood Traffic Safety Education delivery model of which TAC is a partner. Transport Accident Commission Victoria. ======================

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