Driving a motor vehicle is the most dangerous activity we undertake most often and yet know least about. Interestingly, despite the fast changes we experience, the basics od defensive driving are remaining the same.

Here is an excellent series of defensive driving video's filmed in Australia, in the early 1970's, by the Australian Dept of Transport to demonstrate this. It has an excellent common sense approach.

Ep 1: Who's To Blame?


This episode attempts to allocate responsibility for the accidents on our roads by showing common driving faults. Made by Film Australia 1973.

Ep 2: The Car Ahead

Easter is always a dangerous time on Australian roads. We present this film to help you stay safe when driving. It advises on the precautions to be taken when following another vehicle. See more NFSA car related films here: http://aso.gov.au/titles/sponsored-films/warringah-expressway/clip2/ and here: http://aso.gov.au/titles/tags/traffic/ This film was made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1973.

Ep 3: The Car Behind

The Car Behind advises on the precautions to be taken when driving in front of another vehicle. Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1973.

Ep 4: The Head On Collision

Describes the conditions under which head on collisions occur and explains how these can be avoided.

Ep 5: Cross Roads Crash

In episode 5 we learn of the dangers in four way cross intersection accidents and how to avoid them. Made by the Commonwealth Film Unit 1973.

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