Rain can be a major hazard on our roads here in Australia. The streets become slippery, making it more difficult to see and it takes longer for you to come to a complete stop. Add oil into this mix and other things on the road surface and it's no surprise that there are more accidents when it's raining.

 What can you do to ensure your safety while driving in the rain? First of all, slow down! It sounds obvious but many just forgot to slow down while driving in the rain. You also want to keep a larger safety gap between yourself and the cars ahead of you. In perfect conditions, it's ideal to keep a 3 second gap between you and other drivers but in the rain, at least double this gap. Simple things like this can help you avoid losing control of your vehicle and having an accident.

Accelerate and brake slowly. This will ensure you don't lose control and skid. Avoid slamming those brakes on. Aquaplaning or hydroplaning does not occurs only to F1 drivers in Albert park - you can have this experience yourself. And I can assure you, isn't a pleasant one!

Keep a look out around you and make certain you are seeing and can be seen. This is an advice you generally should follow, but in rain is more important, as ever. If it's raining badly and there is fog, put your hazard lights on so other motorists are aware you're there. Use your demister so that your windows do not fog up. Check your windscreen wipers regularly to ensure they're in working order.

Be wary of large puddles of water on the road. Water can collect in potholes and create deep puddles of water. Hitting one of these are high speeds could cause you to glide out of control. If you spot a large puddle of water, reduce your speed and use your brakes lightly to dry out the brake pads once you have moved through it.

Finally, have patience while driving. Everyone else on the roads is in the same situation as you and rushing to get home will only increase your chances of having a car accident.

Ask Julie about what else you should do in conditions are not optimal for driving.

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