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The Victorian Test is designed to assess the safe driving skills of learner drivers applying for probationary licence. It is also used to assess other licence applicants who are required to take a practical driving test.

The Drive Test was developed by Vic Roads with the assistance of several Australian and international experts in novice driver safety. The test assesses the skills required to drive safely in day to day driving tasks, taking the following into account.

Licence applicants are expected to have a high level of driving skills. The Victorian Graduated Licensing System (GLS) requires licence applicants under 21 years to hold a learner permit for at least 12 months and to accrue at least 120 hours of supervised driving experience.

During the test, the applicant is directed to drive around a fixed assessment route and asked to perform specific driving tasks (such as turns or lane changes) at various locations.

The Licence Testing Officer uses a set of specific assessments items to record how well the applicant performs each task.

The Driving Test is divided into two stages:

Stage One Involves some relatively simple, low-risk driving tasks in a less-challenging traffic environment.

Stage Two Assesses safe driving skills in day to day driving tasks in busier traffic situations. Driving Test takes 30 minutes after which scores are added and safe drivers will get their probationary licences and unsuccessful applicants are allowed to reapply, improve and try again.