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What are immediate failures?

You will be failed immediately if you do anything deemed illegal or unsafe. For example:

Not stopping at a:

  • Red traffic control signal
  • Stop sign or stop line
  • School crossing with the flags or signs displayed when any pedestrian is on the crossing

Position after stopping:

If you stop at a location that placed another road user in a dangerous situation.

Colliding with:

  • Another vehicle
  • A pedestrian
  • An object such as rubbish bin or pole placed on or near the road

Dangerous actions such as:

  • Requiring emergency braking or swerving by another driver, or dodging by a pedestrian to prevent collision
  • Requiring the instructor or testing officer to come to your aid in controlling the car
  • Driving any wheel over the curb or onto the footpath
  • Committing any driving fault which causes immediate danger to any person or property
  • Lack of control to the point where the testing officer believes continuing the assessment would be dangerous
  • Improper action causing collision of other vehicles in the immediate vicinity

Speed Limits

Driving over the speed limit for more than 5 consecutive seconds from when speeding is verified.

Slow Driving

Driving too slowly without reason continuously for more than 10km/h under the speed limit. On completion of the test, you will be given a copy of your results. The "Improvement needed" section will identify your strengths and your weaknesses. This feedback will provide you with the opportunity to further improve your driving skills by concentrating your efforts on those weaker areas.

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