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What tests must I pass to get my licence?

  • A computer-based hazard perception test requiring you to identify road hazards displayed on videos of actual driving conditions.
  • An eyesight check.
  • A practical driving assessment which lasts for approximately 25 minutes.

If you have a disability you should tell Vic Roads before your assessment.

What do you need to bring?

Overseas applicants
Overseas applicants must also provide proof of their overseas licence. The overseas licence must be accompanied by an English translation, for example an International Driver Permit. If not, an English translation by a qualified translator is required and bank statement under your name. Overseas applicants also need a confirmation letter from their country or embassy.
Who is allowed in the car during my test?
A Vic Roads licence testing officer will conduct your assessment. A qualified Apples driving instructor with a Driver Instructor Authority number may sit in the front passenger seat during your assessment.